Releases Spring 2014

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Mermaids MMOG

Final NETWORKED Build:


Re:Activism Atlanta

{egg} Public Playtest

Re:Activism Atlanta

Releases Fall 2013

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Ellis Island MMOG

Mermaids MMOG

Online Release:

Tiamat Media ARG

GVU Demo Day 2013

Join us October 30th for

Demo Day 2013

Come see what Digital Media at Georgia Tech is up to!

As part of the GVU Research Showcase, the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech will present innovations in its three core areas of Arts and Entertainment, Civic Media and Knowledge & Creativity. In addition we will host an information session for prospective students. Please join us and join the debate on the future of digital media.

Information Session for Prospective Students, Wednesday, October 30th, 1- 2, Technology Square Research Building, Room 132

Events Demo, Wednesday, October 30th, 2-5, Technology Square Research  Building, 3rd Floor

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Celia Pearce talks about the Design Values of the {egg}

Dr. Celia Pearce talks about the design values that make the Emergent Game Group {egg} at Georgia Tech unique. Recorded on the 21st of October 2013 at the Experimental Game Lab in Atlanta.

Multiplayer Game and Virtual World Research Portal

This is a project in-progress to aggregate all the major research on MMOGs and virtual worlds. We will be expanding this project in the coming months to include other contributors to assist us in keeping our research up-to-date.

Creative Collaboration in Online Worlds—The University of There: Project Overview

Creative Collaboration in Online Worlds is a yearlong study conducted with a grant from the National Science Foundation to learn how players collaborate, teach and learn in virtual worlds. The study focuses on The University of There, a player-run virtual university within the virtual world We have been participating in classes and other events, attending staff meetings, and interviewing staff, students and faculty. The findings will be released in a series of papers, the first of which was presented at DiGRA 2009 in London in October of 2009. The paper can be found here.

Celia Pearce, Principal Investigator

Graduate Research Assistants
Pauline Chan (Spring-Summer 2009)
Katherine Mancuso (Summer-Fall 2008)

Celia Pearce & Tom Boellstorff on Metanomics, March 2, Noon Pacific

METANOMICS: Av-Culturation

METANOMICS: Av-Culturation
Host Robert Bloomfield and guests Celia Pearce and Tom Boellstorff
Monday, March 2, Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time
Hear the Podcast
Read the Rebuttals

Terra Viva: Overview

An Alternate Reality Game to Help Mitigate Global Climate change

Humans have been having a dramatic impact on the global climate for centuries, but it was not until recently that the true effects of man were realized and documented.”The ‘greenhouse effect’ is not an idea which is new to science. It has merely become more easily detectable in our time as temperatures have risen and scientists have devised more sophisticated ways to measure and forecast atmospheric process” (Johansen, 2002, p.2).Due to the consumption of fossil fuels and other greenhouse gas producing activities, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have risen over the past 250 years, and more rapidly in the past 50 years (Houghton, 1997).