Ellis Island MMO

Ellis Island is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game set in New York City that provides players with the experience of immigrating to the United States during the 1920s. The core focus of Ellis is the emergent progression of characters throughout play. A player’s character has a certain set of traits based on the nationality and background they choose at the beginning of the game. As the player progresses through Ellis Island and completes various quests and events of his or her choosing, the traits and qualities of the character change to reflect the outcomes of these endeavors. Players also choose an aspiration, which is a professional goal that they desire to reach. However, depending on the choices a player makes, he or she might wind up in a completely different line of work.

Several other systems in Ellis Island are designed to emphasize the immigrant experience:

  • Language - Players must gain proficiency in and communicate through various languages
  • Contacts - Players must make contacts, including characters (NPCs) and other players
  • Reputation - Players gain or lose reputation with their contacts, which affects how those contacts treat them
  • Social Conflict - A card game symbolizing an argument between two people. Players use Logic, Passion, Ethics, and Deception to build their argument while simultaneously picking apart their opponents’.

More Information Can Be Found At: EllisIslandGame.com